About REAL

About REAL

Contact: info@reallibraryaccess.net.au

The Resource for Equitable Access to Libraries (REAL) has been funded by a generous grant from the Pierre Gorman Foundation, and was created in collaboration between the State Library of Victoria, Vision Australia and Public Libraries Victoria Network.

REAL has been partially based on source material from the Disability Awareness Kit, first published by the collaborators in text manual form in 1999. The current resource has updated material and information from the Disability Awareness Kit, and contains new content exclusively created for REAL.

All written content was created in collaboration with representatives from Scope, Vision Australia, Action on Disability and Ethnic Communities (ADEC), and the Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with a Disability (VALID).

Designing and building REAL has been a truly collaborative effort, for which the following people have all made valuable contributions.


Project team

Project Sponsor: Debra Rosenfeldt, State Library of Victoria
Project Coordinator: Suzanne Evas, State Library of Victoria

Photography and Video: Carla Gottgens
Crew: Rebecca Rocks

Steering committee

John Mooney, The Gorman Foundation
Anthea Taylor, Vision Australia
Tony Iezzi, Vision Australia
Pam Guimarra, Public Libraries Victoria Network
Shirley Higman, Scope Victoria
Stephen Sayers, State Library of Victoria

Contributing library services

Campaspe Regional Library
Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation
Central Highlands Libraries
Monash Public Library Service
Darebin Libraries
Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation
Geelong Regional Library Corporation
Glen Eira Library Service
High Country Library Corporation
Hobsons Bay Libraries
Indigo Shire Libraries
Melbourne Library Service
Melton City Council Library Service
Moreland City Libraries
Wellington Shire Library
Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library Corporation
Wyndham City Library Service
Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service

Advisers, volunteers and talent

Ahmed Adus
Alex Evas
Alister Cameron
Andrew Chin
Andrew Stapleton
Anne Ford
Anne Hanson
Annie Bourne
Ash Cottrell
Blair Gatehouse
Bridgette Gallager
Carol McAlister
Cathryn Ferencz
Chris Kilham
Chris Porter
Chris Wade
Christine Scott
Christine Smith
Cos Ambrose
Dariane McLean
David Craig
David Holowko
Dawn Bird
Debra Hutchinson
Deirdre Evans
Ekram Sherif
Emma Barrance

Emma Bennison
Eva Lee-Wan Lau
Felicity Gilbert
Gabrielle Prior
Gavin Linderman
Georgina Earl
Graham Murray
Harlinah Teoh
Harper Trouson
Hayley Martin
Heather Foyssth
Hilary Johnson
Iain Curry
Indra Kurzeme
Jacqui Pierce
Jamie Kelly
Jane Grace
Janice Van De Velde
Jaye Weatherburn
Jayne Cleave
Jenny Gibson
Jill Allan
Judith Oke
Julian Trouson
Julie McInnes
Karen Ward-Smith
Katherine Nuttall

Kathryn Barrett
Kathryn Donkin
Kayne Gray
Kelly Dowall
Kelly Gardiner
Kim Essing
Kirri Nield
Krishna Babu Patury
Leah Scott
Leanne Easey
Lee McClenaghan
Leo Mullins
Leo Taylor
Linda McIvor
Louise Watson
Lucette Stokes
Lynn Craig
Malcolm How
Marg Arnold
Margaret Adams
Maria Moren
Marion Silk
Melissa Elston
Melissa Hansford
Moonib Adus
Morna Ferguson
Nadia Andary

Noel Anderson
Pamela Hyland
Paul Dee
Paul Mecuri
Peter McMahon
Regina McDonald
Rivqa Rafael
Sabeen Malik
Sami Adus
Sandeep Gill
Sebat Adus
Seizan Radman
Sharon Mullins
Steven Cherubin
Steven Kafkarisos
Sue Flett
Sue Reynolds
Susan Hall
Toby Fon
Tracey Dunshea
Tracy Howard
Vivien Davies
Wendy Costigan
Wendy Kerr
Wendy O’Hara
Wendy Quihampton
William Freeman