Welcome to REAL eLearning! Here you will find a series of activities focused on developing more inclusive attitudes and practice by staff in public libraries.  

The learning objectives of these activities are to get you to think about your current assumptions and behaviours when you serve customers with disabilities, and to reflect on how you can improve the way you deliver service. 

Logging in: You can get started by clicking on any module name or the log in link. Either way, you will be asked to log in before proceeding. It's free and easy to make a log in account, so if this is your first visit, just follow the directions that appear when you click through. You also will be asked to enrol when you start your first module. Just click the enrol button when you see it,  and you'll be ready to go! 

Checking progress: You can check your progress here or by navigating to the elearn page using the menu at the top right of the screen. Completed modules are marked with a blue tick. 

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Tablets and mobile devices: Please note these modules are optimised for use on a desktop, laptop or notebook computer, and may not display correctly on mobile devices. 

Explore, have fun, and learn a bit more about how to make your library accessible to everyone. 

Contact: info@reallibraryaccess.net.au